Our Story

Never Got Caught formed sometime in the early 2000's around a coffee table in the North End of Boston. Brothers Bryan and Bill Hinkley, formerly of the band Tree, were looking to take on a new project. The new sound was heavy and dark.  The lyrical content was a blend of fiction and true to life tales of highs, lows, and in-betweens. Although the band has been put on the back burner at times, it has always managed to have a resurgence of activity. Over the past three years the bands sound has reached a pinnacle. With it's most consistent line up to date, featuring Dave Ward on guitar and Jesse Sherman on bass, the band has hit a new level of focus. Their 3rd full length is due to be released shortly on Small Stone records. A short film, Boston Loud, documenting the making of the album and some tour dates will be released as well.